2016 JERAA Conference and AGM: 2 December, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

2017 JERAA Conference: University of Newcastle, Newcastle

2018 JERAA Conference: University of Tasmania, Hobart

2019 JERAA Conference: James Cook University (TBC)

2020 JERAA Conference: RMIT University, Melbourne


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On World Press Freedom Day, the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) applauds those who champion freedom of expression and support media around the world.


Keynote: The Panama Papers and the New Media Ecology

JERAA and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are hosting the JERAA Conference today at QUT's Kelvin Grove campus.

ABC Four Corners' reporter Marian Wilkinson and Australian Financial Review journalist Neil Chenoweth will present a keynote about about the nature and implications of the Panama Papers investigations, which were led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and involved more than 400 journalists from media organisations around the world. The study of 11.5 million files, leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, revealed the machinations of a shadowy financial system that allows public officials and other wealth, famous or powerful people to shift capital to places where it can't be found by governments and tax agtencies. They keynote has been jointly sponsored by QUT and the Walkley Foundation. 

Conference Dinner: Walkley Gala Awards

There will be JERAA tables at the Walkley Awards Gala Dinner on the evening of 2 December. Contact conference co-convenor Angela Romano for detials on how to register/pay. 

Journalism academics and social media

Global Journalism Ethics in Spotlight

at JERAA Preconference

Auckland University of Technology, NZ, 13 July 2016

Prof Stephen Ward has called on journalists and journalism educators to promote global journalism ethics, rather than parochial journalism ethics. Prof Ward, Distinguished Lecturer in Ethics at the University of British Columbia, was the keynote speeaker at the JERAA and Pacific Media Preconference in Auckland on 13 July. 

The Preconference also featured panels on media coverage of mass shootings, reporting of corruption in the Pacifc (live streamed), and assessment of journalism research. There was also a workshop for early career journalism academics, and papers addressing a wide range of subjects affecting journalism, journalism education and journalism research. 

The Preconference was convened by a partnership of JERAA, the Pacific Media Centre (Auckland University of Technology) and Media Educators Pacific. It preceded the World Journalism Education Congress of 14-16 July. The Preconference of 13 July and one-day Conference and AGM on 2 December are replacing JERAA's annual, end-of-year conference in 2016.

Journalism academics and social media

The issue of journalism academics' use of social media to discuss issues, institutions and individuals has attracted media attention recently.

The Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) supports freedom of expression and opinion that complies with limitations concerning defamation, sub judice, discrimination, incitement to violence, and similar matters.

As the professional association for journalism academics, JERAA also supports adherence to the principles espoused in the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance Journalists' Code of Ethics.

In cases where universities and other academic institutions need to investigate complaints about comments made by academics, we urge management to follow proper processes and complete investigations in an impartial, transparent and timely manner.

The JERAA Executive (June 11, 2016)

Anne Dunn Scholar Award 2016 - congratulations to Emma A. Jane

Emma A. Jane, from the University of New South Wales, has won the 2016 Anne Dunn Scholar Award.

The award, presented by the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia and the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association, was established in 2014 to commemorate the life and work of Professor Anne Dunn. More details on the Grants & Awards page.

JERAA research grant 2016 

Congratulations also to Stephanie Brookes, from Monash University, who has been awarded the JERAA research grant for 2016. Her project is 'Checking the facts: The impact of new sources of political information on "legacy" election coverage in Australia and the United States'.

UniPollWatch 2016

Following a presentation and discussions at the 2015 JERAA Conference, the JERAA Executive has unanimously agreed that the association should act as publisher of the UniPollWatch website for the 2016 federal election. JERAA President Matthew Ricketson has issued a statement explaining the association's involvement in and commitment to the project.


Members of JERAA work to:

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  • Develop closer relations with the mass media and professional associations.
  • Promote the views of the association.
  • Foster research.
  • Promote freedom of expression and communication.

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