24 NOVEMBER 2014: JERAA pre-conference workshops, UTS, Sydney: This day will feature workshops on coding, basic data visualisation and social media for both academic and journalistic research.

25-27 NOVEMBER 2014: JERAA Conference, UTS, Sydney: Tuesday to Thursday will be the conference proper. Speakers will include Andy Carvin, Mark Deuze, Mia Garlick, Libby Lester, Kate McClymont, Denis Muller, Cindy Royal and Barbie Zelizer. For further information, contact Jenna Price at UTS. Draft streams now available

27-29 NOVEMBER 2014: AUT, Auckland: Pacific Journalism Review's 20th anniversary conference. Draft program.

4-5 DECEMBER 2014: JEANZ Conference, Canterbury University, Christchurch.

8-10 JULY 2015: ANZCA Conference, Queenstown. The 2015 ANZCA Conference theme will be 'Rethinking Communication Space and Identity'. See


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JERAA conference schedule for parallel sessions

JERAA 2014 conference at UTS streamed sessions now online

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Andy Carvin - Thursday November 27

Mark Deuze - Wednesday November 26

Chris Hamby - Wednesday November 26

Kate McClymont - Thursday November 27

Cindy Royal - Thursday November 27

Barbie Zelizer - Tuesday November 25

Dan Ilic and Stephen Harrington - Wednesday November 26

Denis Muller and Kellie Riordan - Tuesday November 25

Mia Garlick, Facebook - Wednesday November 26 

Complete schedule released on Tuesday October 28

Workshops: coding, data inquiry, Tableau, investigation - Monday November 24

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