The Journalism Education Association promotes free and responsible scholastic journalism by offering resources and educational opportunities, supporting and rewarding student and teacher accomplishment, and cultivating an environment that embraces difference while creating unity.

There are better ways to improve student learning while also safeguarding school safety and lowering liability.
School administrators are in charge of almost every aspect of a school. They set the tone and play an essential role in a successful educational process. Administrators, without a doubt, want their graduates to be well-educated and competent citizens. This objective is frequently stated directly in school or district mission statements.


Learning outcomes, tests, evaluation guides, models, and connections to Common Core and Partnership for 21st Century Skills standards are included. Curriculum directors keep materials up to date and lively by giving lesson plans and examples that reflect recent trends and technologies. At national conventions and conferences, they will present their curriculum and lessons. They also hold online conversations to discuss the execution of their module and the best practices that will guide future development.

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